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Gundam Wing Operation's 1-3 have all of the Background music and Vocals. the
third CD has alot of So-so image songs but it's worth it for the BGM. I think
Operation 1 has the most BGM of all 3. Some of the image songs are good though.
the actresses for lady Une, and Relena can sing pretty well and if you've ever
heard any Tenchi CDs, you know that Quattre's VA can sing ^_^

I think 4-up is all image songs.

The first one is the best IMHO

I hope this is helpful

---Brett Jensen wrote:

> Can anyone give me a run down of the Gundam Wing CD's that exist (not
> including singals/Endless Waltz stuff)? I'm specifically looking for the CD
> that contains the neat violin heavy background music that runs throughout the
> show.
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