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Burke Rukes wrote:

> 3) I AM in the pre-planning stages of a new mecha-related web site. I
> approached Mark Simmons to ask for his help - particularly in the area of
> doing brief summaries/writeups of mecha - and he has indicated his
> interest... however, he and I do not know for certain yet what his level of
> involvement will be, if any (he is quite the busy guy, and I can't blame him
> at all if he just can't find the time). Either way, a new web site WILL be
> coming, one which will feature all-original, fan-made "homebrew" lineart,
> more detailed tech specs and descriptions of mecha, and galleries of mecha
> fanart from readers like you. :)

You know what I'd like to see on your new page? I'd like to see Character info
and synopsises (Synopsi?) as well as the Mecha specs and pictures.

To tell the truth you could probably tone down coverage of shows like Gundam and
Macross, since there are already excellent pages for those series, and
concentrate instead on more obscure shows, like: Dougram and SPT Layzner.

just a thought,
Brett Jensen

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