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> I've decided. I'm definately getting all of 0080,
> then I'll see where to go from there. After all,
> I find giant mecha beating the crap out of each
> other just to beat the crap out of each other
> boring. But to show something about humanity, or
> even just one person. I like that.

Unfortunately, a lot of Gundams ARE about robots beating the hell out of
each other, quite frankly. Sure there are series that balance robot action
with an equal amount of humanity, (The original Gundam series, Zeta) but for
the most part, Gundam is targeted at guys who like to memorize their mobile
suit types and mechanical stuff (as well as buying model kits on the side).
As a guy, I really must admit that, while I don't collect model kits,
battlin' robots just look cool to me.

Still, I think 0080 is one of the best mecha stories that hardly has any
mecha in it. You may also want to try "Turn A Gundam" sometime, as that is
more focused on character than battle.

Most of the Gundam shows directed by the original creator, Yoshiyuki Tomino,
balance robot action, plot, and human interaction rather well. A lot of the
other "non-Tomino" shows (except 0080) place more emphasis on plot and


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