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> 1. During the 1YW, which Sides were allied with the Federation,
> which were allied with Zeon, and which were neutral?

Side 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 are in Federation Camp. Zeon attack all of those sides.
Zeon has base in the second largest lunar city state Grenanda in the far
side of the moon. Federation has strong presence in the largest lunar city
state Van Braun. Technically a good numbers of the lunar city states are
neutral (That is, they are actively trading with both sides). Side 6 is
officially neutral.

> 2. How widely-known was Amuro's age during the 1YW? Did fed grunts and
> civilians know he was only 15?

The top brass knows how old he was. The grunts outside of White Bases
certaintly didn't know.

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