Peter Cheng (
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 06:50:22 -0700 (PDT)

Coffee break...

My 2c (and assuming they are not going to carry over
to ZZ era):

Things I hope they will "fix"...

- mind give Alex back its shield and raise its "limit"
(jeez...even G3 got 220%...)? <- yeah, I'm obsessed
with Alex... <- not that blocky MG version!
- where's that biosensor equipped, launcher wielding
Zeta? Type100 got one...
- always prefer the old rules (Saturn version) of base
attack/defense i.e. no supply line, 50+% terrain
protection for strategic points <- missed the
- I don't know...I just feel it's wrong to have so
many Zetas and Quebeleys flying around...

Things I hope they will "add"...

- more Zeta era capital ships <- having flag ships for
AEUG and Titans(J/S) will be nice...
- continuation of Gyan development.
- Molly chan~ <- from Blue Destiny (you know...Frau
Bow & Fa are there...) <- no, seriously (yeah right)
- Revil exclusive Ball "B3" (RB-79-NT) <- again, I'm
very serious.

> The Prototype MK-II is a nice design, but really!
The design is decent but the spec...

> Further development of the Ball. (a beam cannon
equipped Ball-II?)
Ah...Halo Mark II that fires "bubble laser"...flight
capable too! <- you got those
flipping...hmm..."wing binders"...

FYI, I'm trying to confirm certain "special" edition
of PS GGreed. Not that soon-to-be released
data/append disk. Will let you know.

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