James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 01:53:38 -0800

It would certainly be just like Bandai to include a new MS or Two,
thus grabbing the fans who must have the most inclusive version.

Hmm, this seems like a good occasion to bring up a discussion what's
missing (unit wise) in Giren's Greed.


1. Garuda(sp.) The big carrier aircraft from Zeta.
2. Core Edge. The 08th MS team's mass produced corebooster
3. Gunperry While not really necessary for the game, it would be
nice to have the full Whitebase equipment.

Continuity-breaking MS

This is a what-if game, so give us some what-if MS that could never
be shoved into the cannon. (The Prototype MK-II is a nice design, but
really?) How about?

1. Feds decide not to develop project-V, instead rush a copy of the
Zaku into production.
2. Big, Boxy, expensive Fed Mobile armors
3. Further development of the Ball. (a beam cannon equipped Ball-II?)
4. If Giren wins part I, have Anaheim build ALL the GP series Gundams
for him in Zion, Gebera-Tetra style. (Now this would be real cool)

Stuff like this. Anyone else have an idea?


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