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> The Wing boy are not gay, but they are also not NOT gay. Get it? They
> are ambiguous, not just that, they are meant to be ambiguous. We could
> have 5 more sequels involving these boys and we still will be debating if
> they are gay or straight. I am sure for a lot of Wing fans, their
> ambiguity is a big source of fascination.

Yes, I see what you are trying to say. I have no idea why some people debate
their ambiguity, its not that debating their ambiguity is wrong, its just
bizarre if its debated is if they are real people, because its okay to have
favorite characters, but its another thing if someone acts like they are
real, then its time for mental help :)

> It's true being soft and sensitive doesn't necessarily make a guy gay, but
> neither does having a girlfriend/wife/children or being outwardly macho
> make a guy straight. Don't be too surprised if some of the most bigoted
> gay-bashers are themselves closet f*gs.

Yes, I agree. There's so many variables that its hard to know if someone is
gay or straight, unless you ask that person. We can't ask these boys because
well, they are fictional people :) It would sound silly, but Sunrise/Bandai
could clarify this easily with a quick press release or something.

> I think a more normal view (at least my perspective) is: "so what?" I
> think both the urge to bash Wing Boys as gays or the need to defend them
> as straight are outdated modes of thinking. They are ambiguous, love them
> or hate them, but don't force them into a stereotype. As Aaron said, they
> were young boys send to do pretty screwy things in a nasty war. If they
> were only 14, they could bend (ahem) either way.

I say so what as well. Gay or straight, it doesn't really matter, as both are
equal as human beings and should be treated fairly. I just don't think anyone
has the right to say if they are gay or straight (the GW boys),
Bandai/Sunrise is the only ones that know for sure.


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