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>>Being a female on the list who likes Gundam
mostly because of the character development, I
really found the movies to be not to my liking.
Yes, all the "gist" was there but you didn't
develop a relationship and a "feel" for the
character like you would with a year-long
series. I saw the series first and then the
movies so I felt the movies to be a nice abridged
edition of the series.<<

Hmmmm....maybe I should just go with my, "if I
hold off buying them long enough, then they'll
release the entire series to DVD and give me a
free copy" theory.

Well...maybe not the part about the free copy.
>>I also have to warn you that the animation is
VERY outdated. It was state-of-the-art 20 yrs.
ago, but compared to the stuff that are out now,
it's quite poor.<<

I don't mind old-fashioned animation. Heck, I
love the Rose of Versailles, and that's got
outdated animation!

I've decided. I'm definately getting all of 0080,
then I'll see where to go from there. After all,
I find giant mecha beating the crap out of each
other just to beat the crap out of each other
boring. But to show something about humanity, or
even just one person. I like that.

And it will be nice to say, with certainity, that
I can give a better movie description than:
"There's a guy and a girl. The girl might be a
princess. The guy goes off to fight in a big
mobile suit or something, and I think he dies.
The girl is upset". (Yes, that's it, from


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