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Multiple replies to Marie Kelly, Mark Simmons (+ the rest who joined in on
this discussion) and David Phillips

From: Marie Kelly <sedorna@yahoo.com>

> My name is Marie Kelly, and I'm the first to
> admit that I'd not consider myself to be a Gundam
> expert.

There are not a lot of that around. Considering the wealth of material
strictly available in Japanese, we have to rely on the kind efforts of
people like Mark, Burke, Chien and the rest who run Gundam themed websites
to supply us with info.

> that time, all I knew was "giant robot show" and
> so I thought it would be boring. I spent most of the time feeling bored
and >didn't allow myself to enjoy the movies being screened. Pity, isn't it?
I >probably would have enjoyed them.

The 0079 Gundam movies are pretty old and shows signs of age like most
things shown or published. You really have to approach it like you approach
any "classic" in any medium. With an open mind and a willing acceptance to
enjoy it for what it is. It would help if you read up on the subject matter
a bit before watching the thing to pump yourself up for it.

> Of course, now I'm debating whether or not to get
> the movies so I can really watch them and pay
> attention. There's a part of me that wonders can
> they really be so good, with so much taken out?

They are good. Tomino really made effort to speed up the action a bit while
preserving the grand scope of the war in a more presentable version for
future generations.

> Unfortunately, due to a tape
> mix-up, I didn't get to see the end there, but
> rather some more 0083, which I didn't like quite
> as much.

0080 had better chara dev't. 0083 focused on the grand scheme of the Delaz
fleet and the reason for the emergence of the Titans in Zeta. Depends on
your tastes and your knowledge of your series actually.

> (That way, having seen it,
> I'll know what to say to people who insist the
> Japanese GW boys are gay. Now I say nothing,
> since I know nothing.)

Apologies from the Philippines to everyone on this. Although the GWing yaoi
stuff may have originated from Japan and the first English yaoi fic may have
been written by Americans - I really feel that the huge majority of Gundam
Wing yaoi fan fiction exploding on the net comes from Filipina Women who
started to write when GWing showed here. Some Old School Gundam fans like
myself avoided GWing like the plague here because of this fangirl mentality
and never took it seriously until we had a second look.

> After all, if I like Wing so much, and the others are supposed to
> be better, character-wise, than that, why
> wouldn't I enjoy them?

Well, I suggest just gorge and concentrate into the characters more than the
kits. Collect what you like, rather than what people say you should collect.
There are a lot of character related materials out there for GWing. I
collect Nadesico for instance, and I balance collecting mecha stuff from the
series and stuff for my fave characters there (mostly women). I also collect
a smattering of Gundam merchandise - mainly kits with a toy here and there.

cya around Marie...

From: Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com>

> I dunno, I think the Trowa-Quatre thing has some probability to it. It
> seems like the English adaptation isn't playing down any of this subtext,
> either...

G Wing is definitely known for its ambiguity in a lot of cases. Did they
reach out and try to get that shoujo feel for it? They succeeded from the 10
eps. and a couple of the near ending ones I've seen. A lot of ambiguous
meanings behind what they say for instance.

Personally, you could infer a lot of gay references like Core mentioned on
practically any man-man relationship. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, Batman and Robin
(there was even a dissertation thesis done on their probable homosexual
relationship before), even the Beatles were once rumored to have homosexual
relations with each other - the speculations are always there.

David Philips wrote:

> there are better places to hold conversations about gay people. This
> mailing list is to talk about cool people not gay people no offense to
> anyone just an opinion

We're not talking about gay people per se, from what I've read. Only the
speculation that fictional characters may have a thing going there. Chill
out David, not everything on any Mailing List is going to be of your
interest or concern. That's why we have a delete button on our Mail programs
to get rid of unwanted stuff.

The only person who can say that you're going way out of line is the ML
admin - please trust his judgment on this.


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