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mirai y wrote:

> Described by the creators of the show as "transplanting Samurai Trooper/
> Saint Seiya concept" to Gundam. Main emphasis is on characters (and good
> looking ones at that) - if you go to most GW sites or ML, the discussion
> focuses on the characters, why they act the way they do, etc. As a matter
> of fact, most GW fans are not fans of robo/mecha genre, much less Gundam.
> (Actually, most are shoujo and/or yaoi fans)

I agree only partially with that. Where as Saint Saiya and Samurai Troopers are
mediocre fantasy shows, Gundam Wing is an interesting and well thought out
Science Fiction show. I think Wing has a wider appeal than you give it credit,
much like Escaflowne and Five Star Stories.

---Brett Jensen

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