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> > nyways, back to Wing, I think it is more of Quattre being so empathic
> > wanting to share his feelings and the feelings of others, and Trowa
> > for someone his own age who he can really talk to and who knows what he
> > going through because he is experiencing the same thing. Frankly, it is
> > getting tiring to hear all this talk of the Gundam pilots in Wing as
> > gay.

I agree. Judging from the show itself, I saw the Trowa-Quatre thing as more
of a friendship. I don't see anything in the show itself to suggest that
the pilots are gay.

I think a lot of the confusion comes from all the GW yaoi out there.
Although the producers did intend this story to be "yaoi-able" (if you want
to call it that), other than the Trowa-Quatre friendship, there really are
no suggestions in the story that they are gay. Heero really likes Relena,
Duo has a girlfriend, Wufei was married to a girl at one time.

While I'm on this subject, let me make it clear that people make yaoi out of
anything... There is a Meitantei Conan yaoi, Doraemon yaoi, even yaoi based
on Final Fantasy characters. The original story has NOTHING to do with yaoi
created by fans. (Just like slash fanfics - Kirk/Spock slash was probably
the first of its kind, but I certainly don't see anything romantic/gay about
those two) Most yaoi creators/fans are female and heterosexual.

Why 2 men/boys rather than male/female? I think the origin lies in shoujo
manga genre known as "shonen-ai" (boy's love). Original conception was
around the mid-70's, with "Toma no Shinzo" by Hagio Moto, a tragic love
story (platonic! no sex here) between boys in a boarding school. (She also
wrote the manga, "They were 11") Hagio stated in an interview that she
initially tried to write it as a girl/boy story, but the character and plot
development was just not nearly as interesting as boy/boy. Girl/boy love
stories tend to fall into the same "rut" - a statement I agree with.

Since that time, male/male love stories in Japanese shoujo manga has become
commonplace. Some feature hermaphrodite/trans-sexed female/males, such as
in "They were 11" and "Animal X". Others are downright male/male love
stories like "Zetsuai" and "Bronze". I will also add that the fans of these
stories (including myself) are overwhelmingly female and heterosexual.
Other people may have other reasons, but for me, some of the most
interesting shoujo manga just happens to have male/male love as part of the
story. Most other shoujo manga falls into the "boy meets girl" category,
and I find the artwork of most shonen manga to be intolerably ugly. Some of
the top shoujo manga-ka out there has beautiful artwork coupled with some of
the most interesting and complex stories, much more so than I find in anime.

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