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> > Well, 2 of em have girl friends. ^_^ actually all of that comes from the
> > huge amount of Yaoi doujinshi produced by female fans of the show in
> > Japan.
> I don't think that Heero, Duo, Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei are gay. Here's what
> I think, they show more affection/friendship to each other and do not fit
> into the "rambo" man stereo type that are in a lot of those generic action
> movies.

[serious mode]

Er... Perhaps you folks missed Mark's point a bit.

The Wing boy are not gay, but they are also not NOT gay. Get it? They
are ambiguous, not just that, they are meant to be ambiguous. We could
have 5 more sequels involving these boys and we still will be debating if
they are gay or straight. I am sure for a lot of Wing fans, their
ambiguity is a big source of fascination.

It's true being soft and sensitive doesn't necessarily make a guy gay, but
neither does having a girlfriend/wife/children or being outwardly macho
make a guy straight. Don't be too surprised if some of the most bigoted
gay-bashers are themselves closet f*gs.

I think a more normal view (at least my perspective) is: "so what?" I
think both the urge to bash Wing Boys as gays or the need to defend them
as straight are outdated modes of thinking. They are ambiguous, love them
or hate them, but don't force them into a stereotype. As Aaron said, they
were young boys send to do pretty screwy things in a nasty war. If they
were only 14, they could bend (ahem) either way.

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