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>Marie Kelly wrote:

> > Of course, now I'm debating whether or not to get
> > the movies so I can really watch them and pay
> > attention. There's a part of me that wonders can
> > they really be so good, with so much taken out?
> > I'm afraid it might be the little, yet somehow
> > important to me, stuff that was cut. Is the
> > characterization still in it?

Hi and welcome! (yay! another female)

Being a female on the list who likes Gundam mostly because of the character
development, I really found the movies to be not to my liking. Yes, all the
"gist" was there but you didn't develop a relationship and a "feel" for the
character like you would with a year-long series. I saw the series first
and then the movies so I felt the movies to be a nice abridged edition of
the series.

I also have to warn you that the animation is VERY outdated. It was
state-of-the-art 20 yrs. ago, but compared to the stuff that are out now,
it's quite poor.

Since there are a lot of posts now about Gundam Wing, I'll throw this in,
too. Gundam Wing has a different focus from the other Gundams because it
was designed to be "female" friendly from the inception of the show.
Described by the creators of the show as "transplanting Samurai Trooper/
Saint Seiya concept" to Gundam. Main emphasis is on characters (and good
looking ones at that) - if you go to most GW sites or ML, the discussion
focuses on the characters, why they act the way they do, etc. As a matter
of fact, most GW fans are not fans of robo/mecha genre, much less Gundam.
(Actually, most are shoujo and/or yaoi fans)

Interestingly enough, Tomino himself has been leaning toward character
driven stories like Brain Powerd and Turn-A Gundam in recent years. (BTW,
Brain Powerd is one of my most favorite anime in recent years. Haunting
character portrayals... almost shoujo-like. So far, I also really like what
I've seen of Turn-A)

So there you have it! I think the original Gundam has some things to offer,
especially on a historical note. However, I think it has a completely
different "feel" from GW if that is what you are looking for. I think anime
is basically a matter of taste - so analyze the type of anime you like, and
base your decision to purchase Gundam based on that. My 13 yr. old son
didn't care much for Gundam - he seems to hate robo/mecha/fighting stuff. He
really hated Evangelion. Only anime he's liked so far are Serial
Experiments Lain (loved it) and Escaflowne.

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