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>Of course, now I'm debating whether or not to get
>the movies so I can really watch them and pay
>attention. There's a part of me that wonders can
>they really be so good, with so much taken out?
>I'm afraid it might be the little, yet somehow
>important to me, stuff that was cut. Is the
>characterization still in it?

I've never seen the TV series, so I can't really judge the whole movies vs.
TV thing. However, since I have seen the movies, I can say that they are
quite enjoyable in their own right (once you get past the very '70s
character designs).

>Yes, I *really* wasn't paying attention at the
>con. And I was the VCR gal!
>Until 0080. I found myself really loving that
>show. Not for the giant robot battles, but for
>the characters. Unfortunately, due to a tape
>mix-up, I didn't get to see the end there, but
>rather some more 0083, which I didn't like quite
>as much.

First off, you've GOT to see the ending of 0080. Given that you've
obviously grown to like the characters, it'll have a real emotional impact.
I think 0083 is pretty good, though I sometimes wish I hadn't seen the last
three eps of that series.


>I'll also probably buy some other Gundam stuff,
>as soon as I get some more money. After all, if I
>like Wing so much, and the others are supposed to
>be better, character-wise, than that, why
>wouldn't I enjoy them?

As I said, start with the rest of 0080. For such a short series, it does a
masterful job of clearly establishing unique characters and allowing the
viewer to truely care about them. The only other short series I've seen
that even comes close is the Macross Plus OVA. After that, I'd go for the
MS Gundam movie trilogy before 0083. For that matter, when the 08th MS Team
OVA series finally comes out here in the US, I'd buy that before I bought
0083 as well.

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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