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> Well, 2 of em have girl friends. ^_^ actually all of that comes from the
> huge amount of Yaoi doujinshi produced by female fans of the show in
> Japan.

[Disclaimer - There is nothing wrong with a gay person, sorry for not being
"political correct" but, I do not know what the correct term for a gay person
I don't think that Heero, Duo, Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei are gay. Here's what
I think, they show more affection/friendship to each other and do not fit
into the "rambo" man stereo type that are in a lot of those generic action

Quatre seems to be a very senstivite and caring person, but this in no way
means he's gay. All of them are not stereo type males, they all seem to be
senstivive people, don't forget they are only about 14 years old, so I am
sure they are still working out their emotions and are still growing as
people and are in the middle of a war. Being in a war tends to mess with
peoples minds and it also brings out the worst AND best in people.


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