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Marie Kelly wrote:
> Hi, there. I suppose I might as well do a little

Hello there! Welcome.

> I spent most of the time feeling bored and didn't
> allow myself to enjoy the movies being screened.
> Pity, isn't it? I probably would have enjoyed

Hehehe, that sounds like when I was younger, I wouldn't admit to watching
shojou anime. But now I openly enjoy (but sometimes bored to tears) the
shojou screenings.

> Of course, now I'm debating whether or not to get
> the movies so I can really watch them and pay

See if you can rent them. The rumor is still swirling that the original
TV series will go on CN following GWing. And of course if that works out,
the DVD will come out too.

> attention. There's a part of me that wonders can
> they really be so good, with so much taken out?
> I'm afraid it might be the little, yet somehow
> important to me, stuff that was cut. Is the
> characterization still in it?

Hmm, it's hard for me to say, cuz I saw the TV series as a kid and than
watched the movies as a very expectant adult. But I can compare the two
for you. You would be surprised how much of the character stuffs were
left in. Sometimes mecha actions were dumped to leave room for dialogues
and human interaction. No need to shead a tear for action fans, because
in the TV series, there was a huge amount of repetitive ritualistic
strutting stock sequences. The movies are not just a simple downsizing,
Tomino took the chance to ADD some footage that he considered inadequate
in the original ending. And a lot of those are "character" stuffs.

Not to say the movies are perfect, I think they kept too many subplots in
the 6 hours. The character stuffs are there, but very often it's so fast,
it's rather breathless. We are supposed to fall in love with some
character and 10 minutes later, s/he is dead. In the TV series, we had
more time to get comfy with these characters and then when Tomino say
"cry!" we promptly reach for the Kleenex.

Overall, I still think the TV was better than the movies, the movies are
great AFTER you've seen the TV. How's that for an answer?

> the characters. Unfortunately, due to a tape
> mix-up, I didn't get to see the end there, but

Ugh! You got to see it! Do it before someone here spoil it for you!!!

> Japanese GW boys are gay. Now I say nothing,
> since I know nothing.)

The Wing boys aren't gay, but undoubtedly some Wing fans are.

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