Ralph Chilton (blackavar@hotmail.com)
Mon, 10 Apr 2000 22:37:07 GMT

Hi Marie!

>Of course, now I'm debating whether or not to get
>the movies so I can really watch them and pay
>attention. There's a part of me that wonders can
>they really be so good, with so much taken out?
>I'm afraid it might be the little, yet somehow
>important to me, stuff that was cut. Is the
>characterization still in it?

I has the same concerns, but went ahead and got the movie boxset anyway (if
only to be better informed so I can join in the conversations on this

I'm watching them a little bit at a time (each tape being 2hrs+, you can
watch 1/2 hour at a time quite easily) and enjoying them a whole bunch.
Sometimes thing are too obviously skipped over, and I'd love to know more
about the White Base crew, and the interaction twixt them all, which seems
to have been a highlight of the original series.

I like 0083, it was my first introduction to Gundam, at 13 episodes as
opposed to 0080's 6, the story takes a little longer to move and really take
hold. But it does eventually (for me at least!)

>I'll also probably buy some other Gundam stuff,
>as soon as I get some more money. After all, if I
>like Wing so much, and the others are supposed to
>be better, character-wise, than that, why
>wouldn't I enjoy them?

This is a pretty rare (but very welcome) reaction to Wing I think!

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