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Mon, 10 Apr 2000 11:54:53 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, there. I suppose I might as well do a little
introduction to the list, to say who I am and get
you to know me.

My name is Marie Kelly, and I'm the first to
admit that I'd not consider myself to be a Gundam
expert. My entire experience consists of a few
episodes seen at a con and the GW dub.

I first saw Gundam at Otakon a couple years ago,
when I was the gal in the projection room. At
that time, all I knew was "giant robot show" and
so I thought it would be boring.

I spent most of the time feeling bored and didn't
allow myself to enjoy the movies being screened.
Pity, isn't it? I probably would have enjoyed

Of course, now I'm debating whether or not to get
the movies so I can really watch them and pay
attention. There's a part of me that wonders can
they really be so good, with so much taken out?
I'm afraid it might be the little, yet somehow
important to me, stuff that was cut. Is the
characterization still in it?

Yes, I *really* wasn't paying attention at the
con. And I was the VCR gal!

Until 0080. I found myself really loving that
show. Not for the giant robot battles, but for
the characters. Unfortunately, due to a tape
mix-up, I didn't get to see the end there, but
rather some more 0083, which I didn't like quite
as much.

Nothing much else happened in my Gundam viewings
until this spring, when I started watching the
Wing dubs on TV. I was taping it, then I decided
that, since I was planning on buying the DVDs, it
would be better not to, so I could notice special
stuff I hadn't before. (Should I preorder a DVD?
I'm highly considering it, since I do want to see
the original <of Wing>. That way, having seen it,
I'll know what to say to people who insist the
Japanese GW boys are gay. Now I say nothing,
since I know nothing.)

I'll also probably buy some other Gundam stuff,
as soon as I get some more money. After all, if I
like Wing so much, and the others are supposed to
be better, character-wise, than that, why
wouldn't I enjoy them?

That's my li'l intro in a nutshell!


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