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That sounds really cool. I think they should redesign and do the original
series cause it is one of the best.

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>Subject: Re: [gundam] FAZZ pictures?
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>Peter Savin wrote:
> > Does anyone have any pictures of the FAZZ Gundam model from Gundam
> > (particularly the back)? I got this huge 1/100 resin kit, and I'd like
> > have some references of the original model to work from. Perhaps
> > has the book and could scan them? Hmm, is the book still in print?
> >
> > Peter Savin
>Well, the new Gundam Weapons is out - the MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam is featured.
>there is a conversion to a FAZZ. Not sure how accurate it is but the
>are big and very nice.
>On another note, I got the "Mobile Suit Memoirs - The Best Mobile Suit
>U.C.0079 ~ U.C.0153" and man is that a cool book! Going back to the should
>Bandai re-animate the Gundam TV series debate, the artist renderings of the
>Gouf and ACGuy, etc., are exactly how that "what if" animated series/OVA
>should look. Very modern but still the old designs and characters.
>"You know, you put this same crew on an oil rig, nothing would change."
> - StJohn, on the Zen of DD
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