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WHATEVER!! Char Aznable is the man and his helmet rox! He has a really
high skill in everything and stuff. He drops a colony on other people cause
they suck too much for him. He needs to show them that he is the all
powerful being of coolness and Amuro's afro-puff has nothing on the cool
helmet or anything.

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>Macross3@excite.com writes:
> > Well, saying that they consider him a hero is stretching it...but a
> > is not what they consider him to be. To tell the truth, Char is a bit
> > He's cool as a character, but he'd still drop a colony on a bunch of
> > just to prove his point. Saddam is painted this way too, but if one
> > his actions, he's more of a conniving, ruthless, self-serving
> > than a psychotic maniac with ideals.
>Well, to Amuro and crew Char isn't a hero, but the "bad guy"/Amuro's rival.
>Char's friends and supporters may think of him as a hero, but not everyone
>does. I don't think Char is "evil", but he's not really "good" either.
>Dropping a colony on people is evil, espcalliy to prove ones point. Char is
>cool chracter, but for lack of a better word, Yes he is a bit nutty.
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