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> yes, Char believes, like his father, that Newtypes are the next
> step of mankind. and the way to achieve that is to leave earth and live
> space. so Char wants that to happen no matter the cost. so what does he
> do? make Earth uninhabitable to force everyone to live in space, become
> newtypes, and have a deeper understanding for one another.
> but that's where Amuro hit him, asking him why is he doing that when he is
> newtype and he is supposed to be "enlightened"


Char is "enlightened" enough to know that "everybody wants
to go to heaven, nobody wants to die" what he does with that
"insight" is watch for 2 decades from his Father's death, to the
dropping of the first colony in 0079, half the human race DIED
and no one listened, in 0083 Delaz drops a colony, and no one
listened, a rival faction crops from the Earth to protest the Titans
jackbooted thug treatment of the colonists, and no one listens.
20+ years after his father died, Char had announced himself as
the Son of "spacenoid hero" Zeon Daikun, a very respecable
figure in the colonies like a Ghandi or something, and starts an
underground movement to once again try to get someone to
listen. By this time, Natural Newtypes are a reality, and people
have learned how to make someone a newtype even if they
weren't one before, and still nobody sees that you shouldn't
mistreat the colonies, so Char doesn't just drop ONE colony
on the Earth headquarters like everyone before him, he drops
asteroid after asteroid unitl the nuclear winter and ecological
disaster are all but certain, and Amuro and team stop the last
asteroid before its too late.

Now there are two harsh realities that make Char the "villain"
he gets blamed for, one the FEDERATION NEVER CHANGES
multiple groups have risen, and taken military action against
them, and they never ever change their minds. Or should I
say the plot never changes.

Two the events that came before must always foreshadow
greater events to come, Char had to commit genocide, it
was the only choice left to him by the writers...


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