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> I wonder if, ultimately, it's just a matter of perspective - Char willgo
> greater lengths to achieve his desire, and by association the desire of
> spacenoids, and the Federation by doing all they can to deny that triumph

> eventually move him to extremes.
> Anything makes sense from _someone's_ point of view.

yes, Char believes, like his father, that Newtypes are the next evolutionary
step of mankind. and the way to achieve that is to leave earth and live in
space. so Char wants that to happen no matter the cost. so what does he
do? make Earth uninhabitable to force everyone to live in space, become
newtypes, and have a deeper understanding for one another.

but that's where Amuro hit him, asking him why is he doing that when he is a
newtype and he is supposed to be "enlightened"

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