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Sun, 9 Apr 2000 22:00:32 -0700 (PDT)

--- Tomonaga <> wrote:
> Ralph Chilton wrote:
>> What on earth is this?
>> My guess is some kind of spinner that one might
>> attach to the ceiling, but I can't see anywhere to
>> attach the string to the toy. Picture on the box
>> _no_ help!
> You are right. You just hang it from a ceiling and
> it just flies around and around and around... I have

> no idea either as to where the string attaches.

The power of SD marketing knows no bounds :)

The plastic rod near the propeller seems to suggest
this set can be fixed for table top spinning or as
Ralph said hanging from ceiling. Too bad F/A didn't
post a clearer instruction for our eyes :)

Also, seems that this nu-Gundam toy was a by-product
of those complete SD hard plastic figures (the
"Gen-ju" series is that the name?), something like:

in which the many of these toys can fire projectiles
and the original series (made in Japan) covered
0079/Z/ZZ/CCA/0080 + SD Musha series, sort of a
cash-in for SD & Musha success. The nu-Gundam spinning
toys bears a close resemblance of Genju nu-Gundam
toys, which are still in production today.


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