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> << Char Aznable is the incredible 'bad guy' in the original Gundam.... he
> an
> > incredibly deep character that requires many, many controversial
> ^_^;;;
> > I won't start them, of course
> you just did! =)
> I don't think he's a bad guy. like what Lalah Sun says, he's pure. he
> believes in his ideals. very charismatic and has his way with women.
> I said before, Gundam is based on real life instances like what he right
> against Saddam. the rest of the world considers him to be the villain,
> yet the Iraquis consider him a hero. >>

Well, saying that they consider him a hero is stretching it...but a villain
is not what they consider him to be. To tell the truth, Char is a bit nutty.
He's cool as a character, but he'd still drop a colony on a bunch of people
just to prove his point. Saddam is painted this way too, but if one reviews
his actions, he's more of a conniving, ruthless, self-serving opportunist
than a psychotic maniac with ideals.


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