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<< Char Aznable is the incredible 'bad guy' in the original Gundam.... he is
> incredibly deep character that requires many, many controversial posts
> I won't start them, of course
 you just did! =)
 I don't think he's a bad guy. like what Lalah Sun says, he's pure. he
 believes in his ideals. very charismatic and has his way with women. like
 I said before, Gundam is based on real life instances like what he right now
 against Saddam. the rest of the world considers him to be the villain, and
 yet the Iraquis consider him a hero. >>

Note: I put the term in ""'s, ^_^;; I think he's one hell of a cool
character, but once again, like you said, it depends on the person you're
talking about...

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