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yea what he said

Char Aznable wrote:

> On Sun, 9 Apr 2000 11:37:31 EDT, gundam@aeug.org wrote:
> *Spoiler*
> > I now know for a fact that it's Zechs Merquise, or, Milliardo Peacecraft.
> The
> > preference of red and the hlemet. If I'm wrong, tell me.
> let me put it this way...
> I haven't seent the end of Zeta, but by what I've read, Char, a.k.a. Quattro
> Bajina (in some instances it's spelled as Vagina, maybe it has a different
> meaning in Japanese?) is not seen at the end of Zeta, but the suit he
> pilots, the Type 100 Hyakushiki is shown destroyed but the cockpit area is
> open. so is he dead and the body is lost in space or did he escape? that
> was UC 0087 (or 86). by 0093, he is heading the Neo Zeon army and is
> dropping asteroids on earth for fun (actually, he is 'cleansing' the earth,
> in his own words).
> anyway, at the end of Wing, Zechs has a change of heart and blows up one of
> the engines of Libra to prevent the piece of the space station from falling
> to earth. the Epyon and Zechs are engulfed in flames and never to be seen
> again. at the second to the final scene, Noin is shown in a cemetery with
> that blonde lady with a long eyebrow that splits to two in the end (forgot
> her name). anyway, she asks why not Noin hold something to honor Zechs or
> something, Noin says that she thinks Zechs is still alive.........
> come Endless Waltz, Noin was proven correct. and no, that blonde girl
> wasn't visiting Zechs at the cemetery, she was visiting.......
> Traize, who was killed by Wufei in a duel. actually........
> Traize didn't lose, he let Wufei kill him
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