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> I now know for a fact that it's Zechs Merquise, or, Milliardo Peacecraft.
> preference of red and the hlemet. If I'm wrong, tell me.

let me put it this way...

I haven't seent the end of Zeta, but by what I've read, Char, a.k.a. Quattro
Bajina (in some instances it's spelled as Vagina, maybe it has a different
meaning in Japanese?) is not seen at the end of Zeta, but the suit he
pilots, the Type 100 Hyakushiki is shown destroyed but the cockpit area is
open. so is he dead and the body is lost in space or did he escape? that
was UC 0087 (or 86). by 0093, he is heading the Neo Zeon army and is
dropping asteroids on earth for fun (actually, he is 'cleansing' the earth,
in his own words).

anyway, at the end of Wing, Zechs has a change of heart and blows up one of
the engines of Libra to prevent the piece of the space station from falling
to earth. the Epyon and Zechs are engulfed in flames and never to be seen
again. at the second to the final scene, Noin is shown in a cemetery with
that blonde lady with a long eyebrow that splits to two in the end (forgot
her name). anyway, she asks why not Noin hold something to honor Zechs or
something, Noin says that she thinks Zechs is still alive.........


come Endless Waltz, Noin was proven correct. and no, that blonde girl
wasn't visiting Zechs at the cemetery, she was visiting.......


Traize, who was killed by Wufei in a duel. actually........


Traize didn't lose, he let Wufei kill him

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