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-Z- wrote:
> "Bunch" may simply be a made-up word or a Japanese word applied in a

Would it make more sense if Bunch refers to a political entity rather then
physical organization?

> As to the orbital dynamics, each cylinder spins on its long axis, which is
> always in a straight line pointing at the Sun. Gyroscopic action keeps it
> in this orientation. The spinning cylinders travel in a near-circular

If I understand gyroscopes correctly, the spinning of the cylinder will
actually keep it pointing at the same stars, not at the sun. If a certain
cylinder is pointing at the Sun in December (Sagittarius), then it should
point at the Sagittarius all year, in July, it should be pointing exactly
away from the Sun. To keep it pointing at the Sun, there must be a torque
applied to the cylinder, costing expensive propellent. Did I screw up
some reasoning? Or O'Neil had a different answer?

> part of it was for a time on a collision course with Granada. Thereafter,
> it appears to have replaced A'Bao'A'Qu as Side 3's last line of

i c...

> My understanding, never confirmed, is that is was in orbit around the
> Moon. The name was thus a double pun: the moon of the Moon and the "moon"
> belonging to the Moons. The Moons were supposedly Sun-worshippers, so Moon
> Moon was in an orbit that kept it always on a line between the Sun and the
> Moon ... or so the story goes. I don't think that such an orbit is
> possible without orbital correction. A polar orbit around the Moon's
> terminator, precessing as the Moon rotates so that Moon Moon's parabolic
> mirror always points Sunward, would be much more likely and not require any
> orbital corrections.

Ugh, rather weird. If it's going around the Moon, how can it evade
detection all these years? That's why I flavoured the highly ellipitic
orbit, perhaps normal to the eclipic plane, this will take it (for many
years) out of all the human traffics around Earth and out to the Jupliter.
Anyway, I am sure many people would much rather forget about Moon Moon.

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