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Tomonaga wrote:
> a real hardcore Gundam collector of the highest order - it seems he
> collects everything)

He sure is, I put his site on our link page a long time ago. But I
didn't think to check his site for mini-MS after I found out about GS.

> the scale of the Zeong says otherwise. i.e. the Zeong is in proper scale
> with the rest of the MS unlike the Bandai version.

Not only that, all the other MS are different tooling too, you can see by
comparing to the pics in Gundam Simulation.

> Core, you might have better luck finding these than the complete Bandai
> Gundam Simulation set...

Yeah, but hot-damn, says right there these are "zeppan" toys. How do I
compete with a serious collector? To find enough to play a game is gonna
be painful. And how about those colourful erasers on the same page:

Those should be ok for gaming, you can even simulate battle damage by
ripping of an arm or a head :O

Hey is that a Haro in there? Speaking of which, there are awful few Haro

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