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At 21:39 4/7/2000, you wrote:
>Impressive, -Z-! Just one question: are the following
>mechas also included in GunMech V?
>(1) ZMT-A31S Doggorla (that dragon-shaped MA);

Hmmm. My bad. That should've been on the list, between the ZMT-A30S
Birknau and the ZMT-D15M Galguyu.

>(2) ZM-S08GC Zolo Custom;
>(3) ZM-S22SC Rick Shokew [Imperial version];
>(4) ZMT-A03G Garrickson (land battle bike);
>(5) RGM-109-M5 Heavy Gun (Macedonia version)

GM5 has the standard versions of the Zolo, Rig-Shokew and Heavy Gun, but no
specials or customs. The Garrickson isn't in it at all. I suspect, as you
suggest, that they're holding back for GM6, which will probably give us the
ships and other non-MS/MA mechanics.


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