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> I've been working on a military strategy boardgame (wargame, if you
> will :P) focusing on mecha combat and I decided to use Gundam mecha as
> my first units (someday branching out to include Macross, original
> designs, older stuff like Mazinger...). It's basically in a playtest
> stage right now, but I feel it's still far from done. It goes into
> far more detail than the japanese boardgame seems to, with lots of
> weapons, different terrain and land combat, shields, damage to
> individual body parts, etc. If either of you are interested in knowing
> more, or maybe collaborating somehow on the project (i stopped hearing
> back from the mechadomain guy :P), write back anytime.

Well a lot have been done, seemingly independently by many gamers. So I
wrote a little page to put together some of the stuffs that I know are
going on.

If Neil or anybody else thinks that this page is lame, you are right! I
think time is ripe for someone to take charge and organize something. And
I can't and won't do it. I have a little list of about 6 gamers who've
written me about Gundam Simulation or other wargames. I will put the list
together and pass it on to anyone who's interested.

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