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> Most current HG kits are not true system injection. Have you ever seen
> system injection? I built the old HG Zeta a few years back and three
> different colors where molded on one part, now that's true system

same is true with my RXF-91 Kai from SF-91

but with most recent kits, if there's two different colors, they would
separate those parts. like with my Char's Counterattack kits, the stomach
area is connected to the chest area, whereas in my 1/100 Deathscythe Hell,
the stomach area is white while the chest area is black/midnight blue so
they are 2 separate parts (4 actually, front and back)

you'd see more of this in MG kits when even the littlest portion is made a
different part just because its a different color. this makes painting
easier though.

but still, it was very cheap of Bandai for the Tallgeese II, they should
have used all white plastic. the problem is with some parts that are white
with the Tallgeese II is grey with the Tallgeese I, and this is a problem
when it comes to painting because painting a light color over dark plastic,
unless you prime it, which I don't do

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