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> > Got the kit, built it, love it. I'll have to grab the
> > Tallgeese II eventually. Question: is the Dober Gun,
> > beam saber, and shield package part of the original
> > equipment on the Tallgeese, or was it added by Zechs'
> > technicians? You can see Leos using Dober Guns in the
> > first episode of the series, I wondered if they were
> > something special or just a grunt gun.

if you get the Tallgeese 2, you'd find out how cheap Bandai really is.
sure, they can use the same mold of the Tallgeese 1, but no. they give you
the exact same kit, the system injection they use is still the Tallgeese 1.
so unless you paint, you'll still get the same white and grey kit. plus of
course in a seperate tree they add the head of the Tallgeese 2, but
otherwise it's the same exact kit, even the system injection colors.

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