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Tet writes,

> The finale was successfully aired last night in the Nagoya and Hokkaido
> region.

  Without delving into the details of the series's resolution, I can't help
but recall Tomino's promise/threat that Turn A might be a major turn-off to
existing Gundam fans. I think I can see what he meant now. Like Brain
Powered, Turn A is almost totally character-driven; the mecha are pretty
much incidental to the story, except for the occasional deus ex machina plot

  In fact, one of the cool things about the Turn A episodes I've seen is
that the mobile suits are portrayed as pure machines, almost like tractors
or construction equipment. I think that's one of the main reasons for the
exposed cockpits - when the pilot is hanging out of the window, you can't
really perceive the mobile suit as a giant Ultraman-type superhero. The
closest analogues I can think of in the mecha genre are 08th MS Team and
Patlabor, both of which coincidentally feature wacky hijinks with severed
robot limbs. ;-)

  Sweeping alternate-universe reunification aside, as I watch each new
volume I'm coming to think that this is a great show that's very much in the
Tomino genre, but not really very "Gundam". This isn't a bad thing - why
begrudge Tomino having the same kind of creative license that the staffs of
Gundam 0080, G Gundam, and Gundam Wing did? I'm very curious to see where
the saga heads next, though.

-- Mark

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