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Tomonaga wrote:
> Thanks for the info Core. Two things though. From what I was able to
> find out about this product the CD only contains the plans for the
> 1/30 scale MS version not the 1/20 scale. The original package
> actually comes with the fully coloured and detailed parts for the 1/20
> scale MS plus the aforementioned CD containing the instructions and
> plans for the 1/30 scale version.

Oh, yeah according to eHobbyland that sounds like the case. You know I
never read the text in eHobbyland until you asked me :P

> I am pretty certain that the one you are building will end up about 24
> inches tall compared to 36 inches for the 1/20 scale. What do you
> think ?

Oh yeah! I never paid attention to the actually size of the model I
printed. Now working from memory (head's at home), the head is about 9cm,
so that makes the whole thing about 58cm. Definitely the 1/30 scale.
(I've always been thinking it's twice as tall as PG)

Sorry for the confusion, I believe everything you said is right. But I
have no additional information to support it.

Are you going to buy/build it? There's also a EVA-01 in the same series,
I saw a finished one a few years ago in HK, very impressive. Oh I should
add that I've looked at the legit packages in Japan a couple years ago,
each weights a good kg+ ... Duh! says right there in eHobbyland, 1.5 kg
each. So there's your support evidence: paper size in the box is 11"x16",
but the one printed from CDROM fits on 8.5"x11" paper.

One more uninvited comment: a bit of weathering and decals on the 1/20
Gundam is nice, but it's really overdone in this case. The Gundam looks
like it's been through the sewers. Char's Zaku is done just right, looks
better than the MG (at least). The various decals and weathering, as well
as 1/20 and 1/30 scale SHOULD have been software options. Actually, there
SHOULD have been the options to print green Zaku and Gundam G-3 also.
But the way it is now, you get just one scale (1/30) and two versions:
color or black/white.

Remember the Borderbund software Toyshop (c. 1985)? That one let you
change all kinds of patterns and decals.

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