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Tomonaga wrote:
> Has anyone here built or seen the 1/20 scale Paper MS ?

I built only the head and neck of Gundam.

> It look pretty amazing and I was wondering how thick the paper was and
> if it require internal supports for the whole thing to stand without
> collapsing.

Hmm I got a copy of the CDROM from... hmmm... er... less than legitimate
means :P So I can't tell you how thick the paper from the package is, I
printed mine on laser printer using regular photocopy paper (10M, 75g/m2).
(there are seperate templates for color and black & white printers)
Judging from the intricatcy of the model, I can't imagine the original
paper to be much thicker.

The pictures you see at eHobbyland are honest representations of the
finished models EXCEPT that (1) all the PG style decals are not in the
printed pages (I am leaving the slim possibility open that the legit
package includes sheets of decals or stickers) and (2) the damages and
wears on the models are added afterwards, the printed pages are clean and
smooth like the original TV.

There's no internal support for either Gundam or Zaku, but judging from
the head none will be necessary. This is in part due to its accuracy.
Every curve, every layer is faithfully reproduced so all the parts are
naturally strong (even using the flimsy photocopy paper) because of all
the 3-Dness. Of course the ability to stand on its own will be very
dependent on the builder. As papercrafts go this one is definitely

I really like the (black and white) head I finished so far, I haven't move
on to do the rest because I am planning to buy a color printer (and
counting on spending a whole ink cartriage on one copy each of Gundam and
Zaku). There are two reasons I really like them (1) very faithful,
beautiful 900 mm tall Gundam and Zaku (2) they are masterpieces of
papercrafts, one of these reasons alone would be enough to justify it.
But count on hours of printing and then 30+ hours each of construction.

Japan is definitely ichiban in paparcraft.

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