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Wed, 05 Apr 2000 22:55:00 -0700

>hey, this is a nice offer. I've been planning on putting up a Gundam
>website for some time now and this would be a great addition to my site, if
>I can find a good server to put the file in. I just don't get around to
>making the web site because being a web developer by day kinda makes me want
>to do other things in my free time, like play video make make Gundam models

I've been working on a Temjin OT model lately...hm...I guess I should grab
a digi cam and post some pics eh? It's pretty cool as I switched the
colors around. hehehe But hey, if you have the resources to get that GC
mirror up...tell me...and if you guys need help in web
development/design...call me. :) I've done stuff for Communicate.com hehe

>yeah, there are times they trash games that are actually quite good.
>now that Rise from the Ashes is coming out for DC, I think I want one, but I
>wouldn't want to spend again for a DC, well, even is I want to, I can't =)

I have a DC muwhahahahahhahahahahahha

>I didn't get around to playing Shogo, although it is a FPS mecha game, I
>thought it might lack the quality I was looking for, I was hoping for a
>Gundam or Macross type of game

Don't get Shogo...it wreaks the living dead. Hey, it'd be funny if I took
the Quake engine and made a whoop ass Gundam mod out of it stinking the
hell outta Monolith. lol

>yeah, poor him, it's not his fault he outsmarted anyone. maybe in the near
>future Bill Gates can construct his own colony in space where anti-trust
>lawsuits don't exist. heheheheh.

I can see it now..."Zion leader; Bill Gates, declares war through virtual
mecha online"...

>there was also a thread in a local (Philippines) mecha mailing list where we
>were talking about "what-ifs", like what if the software the the Gundams,
>specifically the Wing Zero's ZERO system, were developed by Microsoft?
>heheheh, Heero would change into bird mode then suddenly the ZERO system
>displays the blue screen of death, "not enough memory to perform
>transformation, system halted" =)

BSOD!! BSOD!!! (blue screen of death) It'd be funny though...I think
that Gundam Wing mecha had Microsoft mecha installed as none of the mobile
suits could aim correctly and actually hit something pin point
damage...'cause seriously...most of the hits in Gundam Wing were flukes...


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