Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 5 Apr 2000 21:39:26 -0700

> Is anyone else following the Cartoon Network broadcast?
>Yada-yada-yada... I can't believe how much talk and how little action
>this series has. Almost every time there's a short MS sequence they use
>stock footage.

Yeah, even the kickass fighting sequence between the Tallgeese and the two
new OZ suits got recycled almost right away, in last night's episode. They
must be taking a cue from Bandai's "In Recycling We Trust" philosophy.

>And there's no real urgency to the supposed struggle of the "boy
>terrorists" AT ALL, since they have lost all support from the colonies.
>Since more than a few of them are currently captured by OZ (and Oz knows
>they are Gundam pilots) why don't OZ just execute them?

Because they are not a threat in captivity, without their Gundams. Or maybe
Lady Une was in such a nice mood...

>It just does NOT make sense especially since OZ is supposed to be this
>ruthless organization.

Well... you will see soon who's even more ruthless.

>If this wasn't shown daily (and shown weekly as it was in Japan) I would
>have lost interest a LONG time ago.

My beef would be the rather fragmented/episodic nature of the storytelling -
the story arc is not as consistent as U.C. Gundam shows. They would have an
episode focus on a few characters, then the next episode goes to the next
couple of characters. All the while you don't know what the other unseen
characters are up to, as if that didn't matter.


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