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jmrv wrote:
> Today I saw the TV add to the GUNDAM WING model kits and it blew me
> away! I just love them! I'm a collector of toy robots and other Anime

Is anyone going to make a MPG or MOV of the spot? Please please? Is this
spot the same as the Japanese ad dubbed in English or is this American

> toiledt :( I won't bother to ask the styles and sizes available
> because the answer is crystal clear - check Bandai's page :P Later,

Actually Bandai's site is pretty lousy for what you want. About 2 lines
of Japanese text and 1 or 2 pix for each new release. For better info and
pictures check out the commercial and fan sites listed in our site.

> But I will ask : Why are they called? Are they the same as those
> highly expensive kits whe are familiar with?

Hmm I am not sure what you are familiar with. Macross kits aren't as good
value as Bandai Gundam kits, but they aren't bank busters. Perhaps you
are talking about resin kits? Well these Wing kits are "High Grade"
injection kits. "Injection" is what makes them so cheap. I put High
Grade in quotes because HG is not exactly a well-defined term. But
generally they are snap together and about 80% colour accurate.

And yes these kits are excellent value. Generally Japanese model fans are
better off than American model fans, but Gundam fans are the luckiest of
them all.

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