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> I have been reading some of the comments about Gundam Wing and the model
> in the various anime newsgroups, action figure newsgroups and a few
> figure message boards. For the most part, there's very few outright bad
> comments about Gundam Wing and the model kits. Yes, there are a few bad
> comments, but there's a surprising amount of positive comments about GW
> the GW model kits.

last year when Gundam Wing was released here in the Philippines, it was just
about summer time, and every kid wanted one. the down side is, it's a model
kit and the kids wanted a toy, so they break easily because they're not
meant for playing. I guess some people who are not exposed to this medium
or plastic injection kits would have negative comments for it. last year
was the first time that plastic injection kits were bought by the masses,
and not just hobbyists and die hard Gundam fans.

> The story of Wing is confusing a few people, but once they get used to
> they really like it. See, a lot of US people, that do not know Gundam,
are so
> used to good vs. evil and it takes a little time for the complexities of
> plot to sink in and be understood.

yes, things like GI Joe and Transformers where they battle megalomaniacs
(hhmmm, did I get it right) or people out for world domination. Gundam is a
true-to-life war story wherein there are two sides to the coin, real people
who fight for something other than money or world domination. it's like the
US and Iraq, most Americans think Saddam is evil, but the Iraquis think
Saddam is a hero and they think Americans are evil.

In Gundam Wing, much like the UC series, they fight for freedom, as the
colonies want self rule, while the earth government won't allow autonimy of
the colonies. the Oz or Traize or Zechs are not evil people. they are just
fighting for what they believe in and the story presents them as the "enemy"
because the story is about the Gundams and of course they present it from
the Gundam side. but still they are portrayed as the enemy, but not an evil
enemy. they're not saddists and they are not out for world domination or
out to rob fort knox.

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