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> Hola:
> Today I saw the TV add to the GUNDAM WING model kits and it blew me away!
I just love them! I'm a collector of toy robots and other Anime and
sci-fi/action animation's toys (mostly Transformers and related) and I'm
dying to get those!
> What I like the most is their parts can be attached WITHOUT glue! That's
because I once bought a MACROSS Valkire and since it required glue I ended
up screwing it - $50 down the toiledt :(
> I won't bother to ask the styles and sizes available because the answer
is crystal clear - check Bandai's page :P
> Later,

Bandai has been coming out with snap-on kits since Zeta, which is like 15
years ago (more or less). I have Char's Counterattack kits (circa 1988) and
they are completely snap on with some screws and molded in color, although
unlike the HG kits recently, you'd still have to paint them to get the
proper results. I'm working on the Sazabi right now and I love it! can't
wait for a MG version, even an HGUC (but of course we all prefer MG, but by
the looks of it it may come out first as an HGUC, who knows)

anyway, as regards to Gundam Wing, get the 1/100 kits, they are high grade
kits and of course there's a great amount of detail and basically everything
is WAY better than the 1/144 kits.

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