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Since someone requested Gundam openings and endings ... i went and got them.
All of them. ;p
Well not really, but a large number of them. Here's what I got:
G Gundam OP 1
G Gundam OP 2
G Gundam OP 3
G Gundam ED 1
G Gundam ED 2
Gundam 0083 OP - The Winner
Gundam 0083 OP - Men Of Destiny
Gundam Wing OP 1 - Just Wild Beat Communication
Gundam Wing OP 2 - Rythm Emotion
Gundam Wing ED 1
Turn A Gundam OP
V Gundam OP 1
V Gundam OP 2
V Gundam ED 2
Z Gundam OP 1
Z Gundam ED 1

Bear in mind, this is eating up 400 megs of space on my server (which has a
2 gig HD), and my upstream is only about 450kilobit so I can't leave it up
Probably till Sunday or so. It would be great if someone could download them
all and mirror them on a location with a larger amount of bandwidth (giving
proper credit of course).
These are all high quality MPEG encodes done from either laserdisc or SVHS,
so they're between 13 and 38 megs each. I believe in quality =)
You can get that at
You'll need a username and password:
username: gundam
password: fans
(that password is only valid for these gundam OP/ED's, not for the rest of
the site. so don't bother trying ;P)
Please don't distribute this outside of the GML, my bandwidth cannot take
any major kind of beating and if it starts to interfere with my work I'll
have to disable it temporarily/permanently.

Now that that's out of the way, my comments on Gundam OP's through the ages.
Rythm Emotion is still my favorite song, but G Gundam's Shining Finger is
decent, and I can't help but like Turn A's opening. Yoko Kanno is better
than god.
I _Definately_ need to see G, Turn A, and V after seeing their openings. Z
Gundam _really_ shows its age, it's got a nice OP but the music kinda sucks,
and as I recall the TV animation wasn't as good as what you see in the

Anyway, enjoy the OP/ED's, I know I did.

Nicholas "Echo|Fox" Paufler
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