jmrv (
Wed, 5 Apr 2000 18:35:06 -0100

Today I saw the TV add to the GUNDAM WING model kits and it blew me away! I just love them! I'm a collector of toy robots and other Anime and sci-fi/action animation's toys (mostly Transformers and related) and I'm dying to get those!
What I like the most is their parts can be attached WITHOUT glue! That's because I once bought a MACROSS Valkire and since it required glue I ended up screwing it - $50 down the toiledt :(
I won't bother to ask the styles and sizes available because the answer is crystal clear - check Bandai's page :P


But I will ask : Why are they called? Are they the same as those highly expensive kits whe are familiar with?

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