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Wed, 5 Apr 2000 18:06:33 -0400

>The person just tried to copy the modified one shown in Dengeki Hobby.
>Like Peter observed, he added hydraulics to the feet but also added
>joints to the shoulder thrusters and the wrist.
>The MG shown in the title is an appeal to everyone to buy the MG Nu
>Gundam if
>it ever comes out.

wow... you guys have never been to "Gundam-Model", the website? anyways though
I might not know that much japanese, I do remember reading somewhere that the
webmaster of that page was featured in HJ quite a few times, I think it was
another gundam model site by the name of The Church of the Machine.So, I
don't think we should rule out that this could be the Nu featured in Dengeki

- Roger



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