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Andrew Dynon wrote:
> A question for anybody who cares to offer their opinion:
> I am planning on writing a Gundam fanfic for Anzac Day (April 25) involving
> a Gundam (probably 1YW-era) version of the Gallipoli campaign (in
> particular, the initial landing). I need suggestions on how to create an
> "adaption" of this campaign with Gundam technology.
> For those unfamiliar with the Gallipoli campaign, here's a short overview:
> It was a botched attempt by the Allies to invade the Ottomann Empire during
> World War I. Due to a blunder by the high command, Allied forces, among
> them many ANZACs (members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps)
> made their landing in a heavily-defended area of steep hills, and took
> heavy losses establishing a beachhead. A long period of fruitless trench
> warfare followed, and eventually the Allied forces retreated (the retreat
> has been claimed to be "the only well-organised part of the campaign").
> Although one of the worst military disasters in history, the campaign has
> been called the "true birth of Australia as a nation", despite the fact
> that Australia gained independence almost fifteen years beforehand.
> BTW, there is a famous Australian movie called "Gallipoli" about the
> campaign - I don't know if it's been released in other countries, but if
> you can find it, it's worth watching.
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An interesting thought.

The question would be, which side would you cast as the ANZACs and which
as Johnny Turk and in what environment. The operational limits of leg
infantry with limited offshore warship support has significantly
different dynamics to mobile suits.

Having, say, an enthused earth recruited federation task force trying to
take hmmm.... I seem to remember a Zeon base on the far side of the
moon. The problem is how to get the feel of the tiny beach head totally
dominated by the surrounding heights.

That could be via incredibly heavy ground defence artillery that ships
can't match and would massacre a paratroop style drop of Mobile Suits.
However, there's a blind spot in it that allows an approach, however,
it's difficult terrain and covered by lighter guns.

This could be very interesting.

I look forward with eager anticipation.

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