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Somehow I'm thinking of the Texas Zone/Shoal for this.
 I mean all those ships, all that wreakage. There has to be more behind
all of this story-wise and this could be it.
It was a decisive battle only in the fact that it was indesicive.
Federation forces (if I 'm not mistaken) really locked horns (to keep the
odd western motife I seem to be writing) with the Zeon Moble Suits. This
led to staggering losses but the Dutchy also lost a large amount of
conventional forces. Eventually of course this led to the damaging of the
colony and the loss/ evacuation of Texas. (Man, this sounds more like a
Gundam/Alamo scenario doesn't it?
The next time we see the colony is in MS Gundam where it's finally put out
of it's misey.
It just begs to have something done with it.
I realize that it was mainly a prop for rich tourists but even then it
still had it's share of colonists, trail-bosses etc.
I'm sure there were some who waited till the last minute...till there was
no real hope of rescue for months after the battle.

 (of course Mel Gibson probably wouldn't pilot a Gundam)


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> It sounds like you already have a handle on the circumstances of the
> Battle of Gallipoli: poor planning, poor intelligence prior to the
> attack, and poor execution - all caused by hubris on the part of the
> British High Command. If you want a Gundam story that expresses the
> disaster of Gallipoli, all you need to do is incorporate these elements.
> Having it set during the One Year War would seem appropriate, as it
> demonstrates the haughty aura of invincibility the Federal forces had
> regarding the upstart Colonies at the outbreak of hostilities.

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