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> My understanding, never confirmed, is that is was in orbit around the
> Moon. The name was thus a double pun: the moon of the Moon and
> the "moon"
> belonging to the Moons. The Moons were supposedly
> Sun-worshippers, so Moon
> Moon was in an orbit that kept it always on a line between the
> Sun and the
> Moon ... or so the story goes. I don't think that such an orbit is
> possible without orbital correction. A polar orbit around the Moon's
> terminator, precessing as the Moon rotates so that Moon Moon's parabolic
> mirror always points Sunward, would be much more likely and not
> require any
> orbital corrections.

Well, by the time ZZ gans went into Moon Moon, it has basically became the
land where time have forgotten (kind of hard to do in less than 2 generation
if you ask me). They probably won't know what the heck orbital correction
is. Well, most of them.

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