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It sounds like you already have a handle on the circumstances of the
Battle of Gallipoli: poor planning, poor intelligence prior to the
attack, and poor execution - all caused by hubris on the part of the
British High Command. If you want a Gundam story that expresses the
disaster of Gallipoli, all you need to do is incorporate these elements.
Having it set during the One Year War would seem appropriate, as it
demonstrates the haughty aura of invincibility the Federal forces had
regarding the upstart Colonies at the outbreak of hostilities.

My suggestion would be to write it from the perspective of a small unit,
in this case a single ship (if you write this early in the war, when the
Feds had no mobile suits) or a GM Squadron if you write it later in the
war. Writing from the perspective of a small unit (with a small number
of characters) allows you to express the agony and the hopelessness of
the battle on a personal level (as it was for those poor bloody ANZACs)
and will provide for a more dramatic impact on the reader.

I hope this was helpful,

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