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Sorry for dumb boring and random questions...

Do we know where on the Moon are Von Braun City and Granada?

What about the planetary mechanics of Solomon and A Bao A Qu? Do they
orbit L5 and L2 respectively in the same manner as Luna2 orbit L3?

Finally a Bunch is 2 colony cylinders right (according to Z's site)? And
a Side consists of up to 80 Bunches. So how do these 160 cylinders of 6.4
km diameter x 32 km diameter move around an Lagrangian point? If the 160
cylinders go around the L point in a circle (ellipse) what's the physical
meaning of a "Bunch"? Or the 2 cylinders in a Bunch orbit around each
other (must be very slow) and the 80 Bunches orbit around the L point in a

And er... I got an answer from -Z- before, but I can't find that email any
more... How big and heavy are Solomon, A Bao A Qu and Axis? (I found
Luna2 formerly know as Juno is 180 km wide from Mark's site).

The Axis was propelled from the asteroid belt to the Earth-Moon region
during 0086, and in 0093 it was propelled onto Earth. What was the Axis's
orbit from 0087 to 0093? Was it being flew around the Earth-Moon region
like a space ship?

And finally, where was the Moon Moon Colony? Was it going around Earth in
a higher-than-Moon orbit? Or was it in a highly ellipsoidal orbit that
brings it close to Earth once in a blue moon?

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