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Wed, 05 Apr 2000 09:33:28 +1200 wrote:

> Enriquez, Eric wrote:
> > Can someone translate that web page please......
> >
> > wrote:
> > > Hard to say. Honestly to me it looks like someone modified the
> > > original 1/100 kit. I mean it seems to have the exact same
> > > proportions, head, fin fannels, etc.
> Hmm, I can't translate the whole thing, but I understand enough
> to tell you unequivocally that this is NOT a new MG, it's indeed the
> Nu Gundam modified. There's a mention of a Dengeki Hobby article, but
> can't tell if this one was done _after_ an example from DH or _as_ an
> example for DH. My guess is the latter.

The person just tried to copy the modified one shown in Dengeki Hobby.
Like Peter observed, he added hydraulics to the feet but also added
joints to the shoulder thrusters and the wrist.

The MG shown in the title is an appeal to everyone to buy the MG Nu
Gundam if
it ever comes out.


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